Technical Support

Depending on the needs of the customer, MARS SOLUTIONS can provide various options for support, from the most basic (consultation, participation of engineers in the elimination of failures, assistance in working with vendors in equipment replacement under warranty of the vendor) until a comprehensive analysis of the infrastructure and a full spectrum of preventive and restorative works.

Our company adheres to a systematic approach to the definition of service objects, which can have an impact on the functioning of the infrastructure as a whole. A systematic approach allows to control a larger number of variables and, therefore, to avoid a large number of potential problems.

Our offered works typically include (depending on contract):

A study of the current state of Customer’s infrastructure:

  • Audit of the physical infrastructure, IT services and IT processes of the Customer;
  • Preparation of recommendations for changes in the physical and logical configuration of the infrastructure to address existing and potential problems;
  • Development of warranty and post-warranty support and service models;
  • Development of subsystem monitoring policies;
  • Development of a recommended technical maintenance schedule;
  • The drafting of recommended regulations for software and firware updates;
  • Development of schedules and workflows for routine technical operations and Disaster Recovery Plans.

Implementation of planned preventative maintenance and emergency response:

  • Creating IT resources inventory, ensuring a proper mark up of physical structures (if necessary);
  • The implementation of the required changes in the physical and logical configuration of Customer’s infrastructure;
  • Laboratory simulations of changes in the Customer’s infrastructure prior to implementation (if necessary);
  • Implementation of monitoring tools and monitoring of serviced subsystems;
  • Performing technical maintenance according to the approved regulations;
  • Updating firmware and software as per the approved schedule;
  • Accepting technical requests via phone and via online Service Desk system in 8×5 or 24×7 mode ;
  • Possibility of the support with a constant presence of a specialist on site in the 8×5 mode ;
  • Invoking Disaster Recovery Plans when necessary;
  • Logging of all infrastructure changes;
  • Backup and storage of all configuration files.


  • Trainings for staff on technology, according to Customer’s requirement;
  • Documenting the physical infrastructure;
  • Development of operational documentation;
  • Giving recommendations on improvements and growth of the Customer’s infrastructure on demand.

Our strength and advantages:

  • All works regardless of complexity are done by highly skilled certified engineers (CCNP, CCIE);
  • Direct contact of the responsible persons of the Customer with service engineers and availability last up to 24×7 direct phone (according to the regulations according to the contract);
  • Advanced replacement: providing the customer with equivalent replacement of defective equipment to ensure the health of the infrastructure at the time of replacement/repair;
  • Incident mitigation works start no later than 2 hours after Customer’s notification (within Tashkent City);
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified quality management system.

The high quality of our services is proved and supported by our close partnerships with the industry leading vendors and our certified engineers.

Interactive Technical Support