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Numerous companies in various business sectors are faced with a situation that requires setup reliable communications between scattered over large distances objects. The connection between remote branch offices required industrial and commercial enterprises, permanent data exchange and remote control of equipment requires oil companies and enterprises with centralized systems management and security. In many cases, providing a traditional wired connection for these purposes is time-consuming and costly, or even practically impossible task, for example in mountainous and forest areas. In those cases, the best solution is to setup a radio relay communication. In the settlements, this can be quite cost effective compared to laying cable and much more convenient for the installation and subsequent maintenance.

MARS SOLUTIONS offers flexible, reliable and affordable solutions in the field of radio relay communication on the basis of the equipment of one of the leaders in the industry — SAF Tehnika. SAF products are used in USA, Europe, Africa and Central Asia, New Zealand and several island territories. Consumers are mobile operators, municipal services, oil and gas companies.

Customers: Super iMax LLC (Uzbekistan)

Partners: SAF