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Data Network Access Control

In today’s corporate information system (CIS) can exist a large number of applications, services, servers and network equipment, network segments, access options and devices from which you can access.

For example, for an access could be used devices such as desktop workstations, laptops, mobile devices. CIS users could be employees, customers, contractors, partners, guests. Access can be provided via LAN, wireless network, remote office, via the Internet, using mobile devices and 3G networks.

For the implementation of security policies, the company is required to determine and control who, what device, what points are connected and which services and applications can access. It is necessary to control security devices – antivirus with the latest updates, a personal firewall, the latest updates, the implementation of security policies, etc.

For these purposes, MARS SOLUTIONS offers a solution based on CISCO ISE technology. Cisco Identity Services Engine (Cisco ISE) is a multi-purpose solution, covering a full range of issues of control of access to the corporate network. The centralization of policies of network access and automation of many routine tasks — the main advantages of Cisco ISE.


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