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DLP Systems

System of protection against leaks of confidential information (Data Loss Prevention – DLP) is designed to monitor and block unauthorized transmission of data outside the corporate network. In addition to the leak prevention DLP system may perform functions such as tracking of users’ activity, recording and analyzing of their communications via e-mail, social networks, chats, etc. The main objective of DLP systems – ensuring compliance by your organization’s privacy policy (protection against leakage of information).

The use of DLP system is most relevant for organizations where the risk of leakage of confidential information will cause serious financial or reputational damage as well as for organizations that are worry of the loyalty of their employees. The DLP solutions provide protection of sensitive information, such as conditions of tenders orders, services and solutions, number of plastic cards, information about customers ‘ accounts, personal information of employees and customers, financial data, etc.

MARS SOLUTIONS certified specialists will help to deploy a DLP system in Your company and optimize it for Your personal conditions.

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